Welcome to Indiana Grown! We are so thrilled you want to be part of our community!

As a prospective member, there are a few things we need you to do as part of your initiation:

  1. Review the ISBDC documents
  2. Read the training articles and watch the accompanying training videos
  3. Fill out the survey

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST do each step.

Review ISBDC Documents

Read Training Articles

There are seven (7) training articles for you to review at your own pace. Each article contains at least one video for you to watch. By the end of training, these Hone Your Skills! articles will have provided you with the necessary knowledge and skillset to easily and successfully navigate the Indiana Grown platform. Each article is listed below along with the time needed to perform each.

  1. Home, Media, and Your Profile (11 min)
  2. All About Products (37 min)
  3. Orders and Payments (6 min)
  4. Coupons, Customers, Refunds, and Add to My Store (9 min)
  5. Store Settings (11 min)
  6. Ledgers and Reports (7 min)
  7. Reviews, Followers, and Support (4 min)

Fill Out Survey


You should be good to go! If you have any questions or need extra assistance please contact support@theartistrygroup.com. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Indiana Grown is partnering with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to support Shop Indiana Grown. The Indiana SBDC provides no cost, expert guidance and resources that farms and small businesses need to grow. Indiana SBDC serves as a trusted resource for Indiana Grown members that may need customized assistance related to COVID-19 recovery, e-commerce, market research, or business planning. Contact the Indiana SBDC office nearest to you to meet with a no-cost business advisor.