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The Gutwein family has been a part of Indiana agriculture since 1906 when our great-grandfather, Philip Gutwein, Sr., and family moved to the Francesville area to farm and eventually started Gutwein Milling. In 1936, our grandfather Fred Gutwein, along with Harvey F. Gutwein, founded Gutwein Hybrids.

In 1998, Harvey R. Gutwein started Gutwein Popcorn Company. We are a family owned business located in northwest Indiana. We strive to carry on the tradition of producing quality products and providing quality service. Our new state-of-the-art processing plant has been in operation since 2014. Gutwein Popcorn is committed to providing quality products and continuing to be an innovative leader in the popcorn industry.

We believe popcorn is a healthy snack. We offer microwave popcorn and unpopped kernels. We hope you try all of our products and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us!

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