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At Hunter’s Honey Farm, we’ve been making life sweeter for over one hundred years. We keep our honey as pure and natural as possible. We never flash heat or pressure filter our honey, insuring that our customers get the finest and most flavorful honey that nature has to offer.

Even though honey is our main product, we also produce beeswaxbee pollen, and propolis. We use these to make beeswax candleshandcrafted honey soapbeeswax lip balmhoney teriyaki saucehoney barbecue saucehoney mustard saucehoney vinaigrettehoney hot wing saucehoney chocolate saucehoney caramel cornhoney dried apple slicesspun honeyhoney roasted pecanshoney mustard pretzelshoney baklava and many other honey treats. We also have over 30 different flavors of honey stix and five varieties of honey candy.

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