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Since becoming a beekeeper, I have been committed to raising awareness to the importance of bees in nature and the dangers they face. I believe in responsible beekeeping. For me, that means a procactive approach actively using my Agriculture degree from Purdue University. This way allows me to understand the complexity of the honeybee and how to utilize the best available research and resources to keep my bees healthy and thriving.

I choose quality over quantity. Getting high productivity with fewer colonies means I spend a lot of time in the field managing growth, inspecting, checking development, and correcting potential problems. My style of managing also gives me the knowledge to carry forward the best genetics adapted to my Northeast Indiana environment to produce high quality starter nucleus colonies and mated queens.

To discover more on how I keep my bees, visit McComBees Apiaries social media links; you will learn all about the bee ecosystem and the beekeeping techniques I use. I enjoy meeting and talking with customers and I can answer any questions you may have about my products.  Beekeeping is my passion and I thank you for your support.

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