Terms & Conditions

Indiana State Department of Agriculture
Governor Eric Holcomb
Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development
Bruce Kettler, Director

  1. WooCommerce is the plugin that will run the e-commerce platform through the Indiana Grown website.
  2. Stripe and PayPal will be the payment systems through which consumers will pay for goods and vendors will receive payment. Neither Indiana Grown, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture nor the State of Indiana will store payment information, process payments and/or refunds or handle billing disputes.
  3. Indiana Grown members will be required to register their business through All vendors are subject to approval by Indiana Grown before being able to sell their products in the Indiana Grown ECommerce Online Marketplace.
  4. Prior to accessing the platform, approved members will participate in a REQUIRED web-based onboarding training created by The Artistry Group, Indiana Small Business Development Center and Indiana Grown. This training will focus on platform usage and best practices for selling online. Data necessary for completing SBA Form 888 will be captured digitally, and completion of the training will be digitally verified.
  5. Indiana Grown member products must be individually registered and will require individual approval from Indiana Grown before they become available for sale in the Shop Indiana Grown Online Marketplace.
  6. All consumable products must be prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen (no home-based vendors).
  7. Indiana Grown reserves the right to deny any product that does not qualify under the Indiana Grown brand or does not follow the Indiana Grown logo requirements.
  8. At any time, Indiana Grown may remove a product and/or member from the Shop Indiana Grown Online Marketplace.
  9. Approved vendors are responsible for the following:
    1. Providing business information and individual product information, including photos, descriptions, etc.
    2. Setting product pricing, as Indiana Grown will not be responsible for pricing and will not guarantee sales
    3. Providing all required policies, including but not limited to shipping policy, refund policy and cancellation/return/exchange policy.
    4. Managing online inventory and updating as needed
    5. Packaging and shipping orders directly to the consumer
    6. Answering consumer inquiries
  10. Products will be expected to ship within three (3) business days from the time an order is received.
  11. All consumable food/drink products must be registered with the Indiana State Board of Health to be in the Shop Indiana Grown Online Marketplace.
  12. All Shop Indiana Grown vendors selling consumable products are required to carry business insurance for the duration of participation in the Shop Indiana Grown Online Marketplace.
  13. Indiana Grown member profiles on the Indiana Grown website must be fully updated with accurate information prior to being approved as a vendor.
  14. All participating Indiana Grown members must be in good standing and products must comply with Indiana Grown Terms of Service.
  15. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the State, its agents, officials, and employees from all third party claims and suits including court costs, attorneys’ fees, and other expenses caused by your product or any act or omission of you, your subcontractors or agents related to sale of your product on the Shop Indiana Grown Online Marketplace. The State will not provide indemnification to the Contractor.

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